Bachelorette Weekends

Bachelorette Weekends

If you are in charge of the bachelorette details, look no further!

We have had several groups in yearly and they have loved the house, closeness to the beach and location on the island.  We can help if you want catered meal, bike rentals, SUP lessons or whatever.  Let me know your thoughts ad I will get right on it!

I have a Bach Box with some games, décor, leis, and props for a fun weekend.  I will have the box in the house for your arrival.

If you plan to buy Bachelorette themed gifts, I can have a selection to choose from and buy.  Items will be at house at check in to save you time and packing space in car.


  1.  Have someone get in early before group to decorate.
  2. Order from us your party shirts, cold cups, hats with your Bachelorette Logo and date to save time.
  3. Make sure your group stands out in the crowd when heading out, people will buy you drinks, food and shots from time to time. ????(Colored wigs, T-shirts, Hats, sparkly shoes)
  4. Make your reservations well in advance (a week for large groups is usually sufficient).
  5. Give me a month to set up catered meal if needed to get on his schedule.
  6. Let me know if you want to rent bikes and I can get them to the house ready for your stay.
  7. We have a great masseuse we use if you would like some in house pampering or yoga/meditation classes on the beach, give me a month of time to set up.
  8. Let me know in as far advance as possible if you have any other requests and I will look into to it for you.