We have booked for several types of reunions. Whether your reunion is for extended family, old friends from a neighborhood, workmates or school, It’s All Good!

Life is short, we know this now when we starting getting into our 50’s. We don’t really think of it before this, as least I didn’t. Having lived in 3 different neighborhoods I have been able to take advantage of getting together with long lost friends over the years at the house. I encourage you to do the same. It is invigorating! It makes you feel young again reminiscing about the old days, the raising of children, past neighborhood events.

Half the fun is getting ready for the event. We are happy to help with providing you with contacts for getting a logo put on your T-Shirts, Cold Cups. I can provide you with Décor and Goodie Bags for all ages.

If you want a Pig Roast or themed catered meals I will get you in touch with our caterer and help with the themed meals décor. Our BBQ Men will make you wished they catered the whole week/end!

Ideas to ADD ON the Week/end


Bike Rentals

Sup Rentals/Tours

Kayak Rentals/Tour

Surfing Lessons

On Site Yoga, Meditation, Masseuse, Holistic Health Options

Local Artist comes in the teach a craft