Why we are the perfect fit for your large group

Why we are the perfect fit for your large group

When going on vacation you want a nice place to stay with many amenities, a location close to food, drink, activities, and whatever the main attraction is.  Renting a home can be tricky.  Many offer a perfect house, but the location is sketchy or far from the attraction.  Others are geographically spot on, but the house is outdated or a flop house.  Not to mention the ones that when you are having problems you have no one to talk to while there to address the issues in a timely manner that have popped up.

We have all rented that place one time or another.  LIVE AND LEARN as my father would always say.    How frustrating that is to be all revved up for vacation and have it all turn into a stressor.  At Beach House Retreats on LBI, NJ we strive to make our guests feel comfortable with us before they even book.  Booking many multi-generational families made us think about the ages involved. There is a type of house you want.   We have amenities in the house for elders that most homes don’t offer.  Children love our toy box, games and Sun & Moon contest.  We answer questions and offer more info then they knew they needed once booked.  I let them know about free things during their week, what the kids can do on their own, the local transportation options and sport rentals.

Some homes are strict on what they allow.  No pets, not suitable for children, not elder friendly, no celebrations, no groups, no weddings, we say yes.  Our other main guests are groups of all kinds, reunions, retreats, celebrations, wedding stays, couples, bachelorettes, youth groups and the list goes on.  This is another type of house they look for.  We have added more things for these groups to keep them entertained and comfortable.  We provide much more than other large homes they appreciate: beach badges ($500 savings), beach chairs and umbrella, beach toys, games and boogie boards, spices and multiple coffee maker options (this is big), standalone ice maker (makes 50lbs. a day), magazines, book and paperbacks, crock pots, beverage dispensers and party wares (entertaining the masses takes gear).  We offer advice and recommendations on all kinds of things pertaining to us and LBI.  They really appreciate it.    

Since we are an extra-large home, to rent it also is a challenge for the guest to get their crew together.  Herding Cats – has been mentioned!  Booking must be done very early due to shortage of large homes on LBI.  Knowing what goes into this task we send multiple emails during the year to get them thinking about their options with us during their vacation.  Offering my local discount coupons in the off season is always appreciated!   We know questions to ask and recommend making their packing easier, the trek down quicker.  We offer cooking options, recipes for large gatherings and research the calendar during their stay for free things to do to stretch their budget.

Once our guests check in, they feel like we are old friends.  They know we are onsite and ready to address their needs or concerns within minutes.  Having 24 smoke alarms go off due to toast their 7-year-old can be unnerving for them.  We smile😊.  NO PROBLEM!  Let us help get them shut down quicker.  How does this appliance work???? Let me come down and show you.  Where are the crab mallets and picker tools?  Second drawer down from the can opener…  Having us know their family has been a Godsend from time to time when being in the ocean and spotting one of their own having trouble in the ocean (rip tides).  We have pulled a few out and educated the group on it.  We’ve talked to them about the dangers of digging holes and burying the kids- which no one ever know how dangerous this is.  Sometimes we get daily asks from our groups- some weeks we go without one.  It’s all good!  Our families and groups love knowing they can ask a question or get a recommendation from a local that will steer them to what will work best for them.  A realtor or absent vacation homeowner will never offer what we can.  Hotels and Motels can’t even come close to the bond we have with our renter by the time they check in.  Nor do they want to.  That is how we differ.