Book Clubs

Book Clubs

How does an escape to LBI while escaping into your new book sound for your book club?  Beach House Retreats on LBI, NJ is inviting book clubs from all over to come enjoy the Island in the off season and enjoy the coziness of our home.  Depending on your group size we can rent with 3,5,6 or 7 bedrooms sleeping between 6-15 (21 using 3 pullouts).

The house has radiant heated floors and a gas fireplace to warm your toes and heart.  The comfortable couches will have you sliding into the bookworm position enjoying your new adventure or discussing the last book read.  The kitchen is awesome if your group loves to cook and show off their entertaining skills.  We have most pots and pans, cooking gadgets and small cooking appliances to make meal prep a snap.

If you like the open-air theme the back yard is inviting to hang out in, grill or play outdoor games.  The 4th floor rooftop deck will put you in a 360-degree birds eye view of the ocean, bay, island, and surrounding towns.  It is beautiful at night with the shooting stars and galaxy show.

Our location on the island is a peaceful area on a dead-end block putting you 3rdfrom the beach.  If you like to ride bikes, we have a great bike rental place with an assortment of bikes, tandems and ellipticals, right up the street and we are close to the ACME food market as well.

If you’re the creative types, I put together a few thoughts on how to make the retreat more fun.

  1. Try to pick a book to read or discuss after reading for the trip that can be expanded into a theme.
  2. Pick some foods that could be made during the timeline to reflect the era, tradition, or ethnicity in the book.
  3. The kitchen is great if you wanted to set up a “Breakfast Club” style buffet in the morning and put out a spread to be picked at during the day 9.
  4. You could also dress the part; Halloween weekends could be fun to take the group out to a restaurant or night club and hear some music in costume and possibly win some prize money!
  5. Is there a movie of the book made you could watch on demand also to compare the 2 forms of entertainment?  Or find  some movies from the era to reflect about the movies theme.
  6. Would your group like to make a craft to reflect the book or the weekend?  Just a walk on the beach can provide items you could put together for a holiday ornament or bookmark perhaps.
  7. Consider making jewelry from the books setting.
  8. Old books picked up at a yard sale or for free could be made into many cool things;  A Birdhouse, hidden treasure box, small binder, décor for a holiday tree.
  9. If there is a drink mentioned in the book, that could be your drink of the day.  Or you can pick a few to offer during the weekend.
  10. If you don’t have any swag reflecting your book club, maybe now is a good time to make something up.  Pick you name, logo, and design and order some totes, drink huggers or drink tumblers.  Perhaps take a nice picture of the group for a bookmark or ornament to remember the weekend.
  11. Have a door prize planned out.  One that comes to mind is the nice bamboo bathtub tray so you can read in the tub with a glass of wine with a candle lit.       

So, if a creative, relaxing book club retreat sounds good to you, please let us know, we would love to get you booked!  If there is anything you need help with (planning, ideas, catering, etc.) we are happy to help.