Weekend Getaways

Beach House Retreats invites all kinds of groups to enjoy LBI.

What could be better than a weekend getaway to LBI with your friends and family?  LBI has a tranquil feel when everyone has gone home.  Quiet walks on the beach will usually fill your heart with peace and pockets with beautiful, treasured shells. 

You may catch a glimpse of some wildlife making their way around the island.  Keep your eyes open for snowy owls, fox and turtles.  On the water look for various ducks, osprey, and Herring type birds.

LBI is no longer a sleepy little town in the shoulder and off season.  There are multiple fantastic restaurants, shops, ice cream, and entertainment to choose from on and nearby off the island.  Weekends on LBI have many art & crafts shows, festivals, film fest special movie viewings, music venues and great happy hours. 


Weekend Getaway

Holiday Stays to gather at LBI’s largest residential Dining Tables Inside & Out

Water Sport Groups

Family & Friend Reunions

Wedding Stays

Bachelorette Weekends



Retirement Party

Wedding & Baby Showers

Engagement Party


Baptism Party

Retreats (Build your own or Your business retreat offerings)

Business Workshops, Team Building, and Remote Working

Book Club


Fantasy Football

Superbowl Weekend

World Series Weekend

Horse Racing Weekend

Home Schooler Families

Lighthouse Film Festival

Hot Sauce Festival


Nearby Festivals

Bird Watching

Fishing Weekend


Milestone Celebrations of all kinds  (Sorry no prom groups or bachelor parties)