Multi-Gen Family Vacations

Multi-Generational Family Vacations

It is important for families to vacation together. There is not enough time these days with our busy lives to be together it seems.

When looking for the right home for your family vacation here are a few things to keep in mind:

Can we all eat together at one table? This is very important. Many homes have tables, bars, coffee tables and TV trays to help you dine. Many will have to eat in shifts or inside and out. We can seat all of you at one table. Our 12-foot table can be expanded to 20-feet and we have 27 stools. We can seat as many at the table as we can sleep. Not many homes can say this.

Are there areas the generations can retreat to when they have had enough of the music or news on TV? We have 2 lining rooms that help with this. The downstairs living room has a 42-inch SMART TV and is great for the elders to chat and plan out the events of the day in peace. The upstairs living room is great for the younger crew to watch movies, play games, and hang out. Just shut the door at the top of the steps and you have nice private areas, for both groups to enjoy your conversations without disturbing each other.
You can do this outside as well. The back yard is perfect for the elders who just want to go outside and relax and chat. It’s also nice for parents of little ones that they can play in yard with the toys we have and not worry about steps. The rooftop is for the adventurers who want to hit the hot tub, scope out the 360-degree view of LBI the bay, mainland and ocean, star gaze or be on the lookout for dolphins and whales passing.

What are the multigenerational sleeping arrangements? Can a part of the house be shut down for the early to bed families with kids or the elders to get a good night sleep? Yes! The second floor is awesome for the families with kids, we have a few rooms that fit a Pack & Play crib upstairs and down. Shut the step door and they can settle down with a movie then off to bed. The night owls can be downstairs in the kitchen/living room area enjoying each other’s company in without disturbing the sleepers. Usually the elders like the downstairs rooms which also can be an additional quiet area with the nocturnal hanging out in the inviting backyard.

Do you want a break all together from cooking while the clan is in? We have a local cater that will take that burden right off your plate! You plan the menu and he will do the cooking! Snap! Now that’s a vacation!

What if it rains? Will the house that sleeps a lot of people be comfortable if you are stuck inside with a large crew of people???? UUUUhhhhgggg! There is only one couch in the living room and the decks are unusable- now what, you must stay in your room? Not at our house!
Rain night = Game night – Right? Now, do all of you want to all play the same game? Most likely not. You can at my house. Or, you can go to another living room to play another game or split the dining table to hold 2 game groups and the buffet can be another group and the coffee table for the little to build blocks or play with toys. Or, if you like movies enjoy our vast movie selection or tune in to On Demand on the Smart TVs.

Location, Location, Location! We are in a not to busy, not so isolated no man’s land- just right. In Beach Haven Crest, our location is in walking distance to Brighton Beach Surf Shop, Acme Bike Rentals, Kubel’s Too Tavern/Liquor Store, Pinky’s Shrimp Seafood, Angelina’s Costa Cuisine, Garden State Art & Surf, Skipper Dipper Ice Cream, Acme Market, Bayview Park Playground/Concerts/Guarded Bay Beach/Watersports/and Ball Court of all kinds. It is a safe area to ride bikes, walk and cross the streets. We don’t have a lot of traffic and we have plenty to do a WIN - WIN!

We love sharing our home, our love of LBI, and tips & coupons to our renters. LBI is a special place to many and we hope you will bring your multi-generational family to stay with us. We are here if you need us. We can arrange bike rentals or surf/SUP lessons. We can recommend ways to make your trip easier by using a grocery delivery service if needed. This is our specialty. Big groups take time to put together. Start you head count search with the family. Pick a date.

Start Early to plan your Big Family Reunion LBI Vacation, please let me know how we can help!

15 Multi-generational Travel Perks

  1. Saves Money (more people pitching in $)
  2. Brings families together more often (immediate or extended family options)
  3. More helpers on hand to watch the children (Mom and Dad get a break with Grandparents, nieces and nephews that can help out)
  4. Elders getting to dispense wisdom to 2-3 generations (they have more been there, done that by far)
  5. Youth getting to show off their skills to Elders (look Mom Mom)
  6. Great advice given (please listen to your elders, they do know better by experiences had)
  7. Great time to get pictures of family done (don’t regret not having a family photo taken)
  8. Perfect time to learn to cook old family recipes (Grandma’s homemade Yum Yum)
  9. Teaches how to cope with different aged opinions
  10. Learn Old and New games as a group (Canasta, Hopscotch, Jenga, Watch Ya’ Mouth)
  11. Have a selection of folks to hang out with (elders, parents, teens, children, babies)
  12. Have different timelines to join in activities (early birds, adventurers, book worms, night owls)
  13. It Is Group Therapy
  14. IT IS FUN